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    Today I say goodbye to my Super Hero ESAK9 Krueger. He stood by me through drama and trauma for 12 of his 13 1/2 years and I thank him immensely for his devoted love and support.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to share my crazy journey in life. Even with EPI and myelopathy he never ever let me down! I counted him out so many times but this Energizer dog kept on going against all odds long past his retirement date.

    Born on Halloween, he was a true no nonsense GSD but with a quirky Scooby-Doo attitude that did not embody his namesake. After 35 years of German Shepherds he will be remembered for having the longest most beautiful floor dragging tail that I stepped on frequently because my velcro dog was always at my feet.

    My heart is crushed by the devastating loss but I know how lucky I am to have had a dog so hard to say goodbye to. He has gone on ahead to wait for me in heaven with his pack of 3 lovely ladies Kida, Kiara & Tess. Run free my love, I’ll see you again soon enough 💔




    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making Enzo’s transition so beautiful and pain free.
    I am happy that he was able to say goodbye to me at home in his own environment and he was so relaxed and peaceful
    I will miss my Enzo forever with all of my heart but Final Journey made things so much easier for us.
    Thank you for your wonderful service

    ~Mary S.

    MARLEY B. 01/06/2011 – 04/10/2021

    ❤Marley, my beloved 10 year old fur-baby. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be blessed of picking the perfect match that left paw prints all over my heart. I will forever hold all the memories you given me through the years. A piece of me has gone with you. You were the foundation to my happiness… You were my point of peace… My love for you is never ending. Rest in Peace

    To Dr. Kris and Team, Thank you very much for your empathetic and professional services. Marley was gently cared for and our family was respectfully given time with him in his final moments. As heartbreaking as this was for us, Final Journey was the best choice to make for our Marley. Thank you again and please, keep up the great work.

    ~Vanessa B. & Family


    Caring and compassionate. It meant a lot to us to be able to say goodbye to our beloved Lucy at home. Sent us a beautiful sympathy card. They have helped us before and I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.



    Dr. Salvatore was wonderful. I had to put down my wonderful Frisco today and she walked us through the whole process. It was quick, peaceful and loving. I highly recommend Final Journey for your pet’s transition over. They’ll be taken care of and treated with the highest dignity.



    Our sweet, beautiful, little Miss Missy crossed the rainbow bridge on April 7th, 2021. She brought so much love and joy to our home. It was a privilege to be graced by her regal presence. Such a wonderful kitty. She will remain forever cherished in our hearts. We miss our Missy.
    From the heartbreaking diagnosis to saying good bye on her last day, my conversations with Final Journey were sincere and understanding. Dr Sarina and team were professional, kind, empathetic, and patient. I thank you and am grateful for your help during this difficult time.
    ~ The Ascher Family


    We were dreading yesterday but knew the time had come to set our beautiful, fun, almost 16 years old fur baby free. Dr. Kris and Stacey came to the house and the experience was so compassionate, gentle, tender, quiet, and respectful. Being able to be home and hold our baby while she relaxed and the pain and anxiety left her, brought us peace. We are forever thankful for Final Journey’s services. We are so very sad but knowing we made the best decision we could with love and have her not be anxious until her very last breath was a gift from God as she was to us for her whole life. What a blessing Dr. Kris and Stacey were.

    ~With gratitude, Joan and Lynn and Carley.

    Remmy Bella

    The time had come to say goodbye to our 15.8yr old Weimaraner, Remmy Bella.The staff at final journey are truly awesome. Dr. Klie and Nathalie were so gentle and compassionate with Remy as she laid on one of her favorite blankets in the sunshine while we said our goodbyes. Their kindness guided us through a heartbreaking time and I can’t thank them enough.




    Great service!!! Can’t thank them enough for bringing my family comfort on the most difficult day ever!!! Putting boy Big D to rest on his own bed in the comfort of his own home. Everyone was so helpful and guided us through this experience. I highly recommend them and thanks again.



    I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Final Journey. I had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to my best friend Bo last week due to advanced cancer. The entire team at final journey made this most difficult time peaceful and compassionate. Wonderful people, extremely professional, accommodating and compassionate. Thank you Final Journey for helping us pet owners with this difficult time.


    Jackson 2007-2021

    Our beautiful and devoted fur kid left us on March 13, 2021. I have to say that Final Journey and Staff were the most understanding and compassionate people that I have ever met. Our dog went so peacefully and I truly thank you for your wonderful service! God Bless you all.

    ~The Klufas Family


    We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience when having to say goodbye to our special boy Brando. It was such a difficult day and Dr. Sarina was so gentle and wonderful. She and her assistant Garrett, came out in a snowstorm and yet still gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. It would have been very difficult to get our big boy in the car and to the vet especially during Covid where only 2 family members would have been allowed into our vet. Doing it this way, our whole family was able to be with him, surrounding him with love, comfortably in his own home. They made one of the saddest and heartbreaking of times much easier. We are so grateful to have found Final Journey. We thank you so much.

    ~Robin Cordero


    We called him “Our little Prince” — He ruled the house.

    He gave us  so much happiness and love.  We miss him.

    Our days seem long and empty without him.

    Dr. Kris, thank you for making a very sad moment more bearable.

    ~The Foxes


    I cannot say enough about this company. They’re absolutely wonderful. Especially during covid, we wanted to have an in house service. Our beloved dog deserved that & we were so grateful. They handled everything perfectly. The vet that came, Dr. Judy was so sweet & considerate. She even sent a sympathy card for our beloved boy. Within 2 weeks we received our boy’s ashes and he’s home. We are forever grateful for this wonderful service. ❤



    It was heartbreaking for me to decide that our Smokey’s time was near. But during the last night of his life as I sat out on the front stoop with him wrapped in a blanket his eyes said it all and I wanted to give him the dignity and peace he deserved after so many years of being our loving, loyal, sweet dog. I couldn’t imagine loading him into the car especially given how weak he had become so I was relieved when my vet referred me to The Final Journey. Dr. Kris was so gentle and kind. There was a peace about her that filled our home and put Smokey at ease. She gave us time to whisper our final goodbyes and sit close to him, holding his paws, petting him and letting him know how much we loved him. I could see the pain fade from his eyes and knew that he was at peace. They wrapped him lovingly in a fleece blanket and carried him to the car — I followed and it looked as if he was sleeping. His absence still hurts and my eyes fill with tears as I write this but there is no doubt that The Final Journey was our final gift to Smokey and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Blessed are they who comfort! We are forever grateful.



    My family and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kris and Stacey for the wonderful care they gave our beloved Kasey during her last day with us. Their kindness and compassion made one of the most difficult days bearable for us all. They treated Kasey with respect and gentleness and she was not afraid; she was ready to leave us peacefully, and thanks to Final Journey, she was able to do so.

    ~ Lynn Leach

    Tucker 2~27~21

    Thank you Dr. Kris and team for putting my beloved friend tucker to rest and across the rainbow bridge today.  I will always love him and thank you for being so kind and talking me through the steps and taking good care of him I appreciate it a lot.  And thank you for making sucky and hard time easier. I know he’s in good hands. I can’t wait until he’s home again in a few weeks.

    RIP ❤Tucker 2~27~21



    Lucky 2008-2021 ❤️

    Our beloved dog Lucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 5,2021 We appreciate so much for the compassionate service Dr.Kris and Nathalie gave in such difficult time with our dog Lucky. They were so patient and so careful during the entire process. They made our dog feel comfortable as well as us. They gave us as much time as we needed. Never rushed us ,made us feel so good into our grieving time.

    Excellent service. If we need to rate the service 1-10, 10 would be a very small number . We couldn’t have asked for better people. Thank You.

    ~Carina and Steve


    I would have never believed that ANYTHING could make putting my beloved pet down easier but the wonderful ladies who came from Final Journey really understood what an emotional and painful time it was for us and our beloved Bytor. They were gentle, compassionate and treated him with dignity and respect. We are truly grateful for the wonderful work that they do. It can’t be easy to witness such pain and grief every day. God Bless them for doing it.

    ~Kim Walton


    Final Journey’s services are beyond exceptional. Our dog was a retired Police K9 so there were some circumstances we had to pay attention to in regards to saying goodbye. They were so accommodating and respectful that Buck was able to peacefully go in his partner’s arms. We can’t thank them enough for bringing so much peace in our heartbreaking moment. Thank you again Final Journey

    ~Rachel Anderson


    We put our beloved pug Bailey down this Monday and they were so accommodating and sweet. It was a terrible time for our family and we never put a dog down before. I just want to thank them for being so kind and caring. I’m so happy I got to hold my dog in my arms with my whole family near me. It gave me so much peace knowing we could be with her.

    ~Asil Francis


    Dr. Kris and team,

    Thank you so much not only for being available for such an important service but mostly for your kindness and compassion. Even your communications via email and phone have been extraordinary, and greatly appreciated.

    We lost Rachael today, she was one of our rescues from a farm where the owner would not feed her because she was a good “mouser”.  He would not let us get her altered because “she has pretty kittens”.

    After an animal attacked her and took half of her face, he called for help. We took her and got extensive medical care and told the farmer she died under anesthesia. From that point on she had a new home with us.

    She had great meals and lots of love. She turned out to be one of our sweetest pets. We will miss her terribly, she was a wonderful little soul. ❤️

    ~Warmest regards, Lin and Brad




    Final Journey and their staff were incredibly kind and compassionate starting right from my initial phone call. Dr. Kris and Natalie made us feel supported and comfortable during such a hard time. Kara was able to be surrounded by those who loved her most and was able to pass peacefully in the comfort of her home. Saying Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

    ~ Sarah C


    Extremely kind and compassionate people from start to finish. They made a difficult and sad time go as easy and painless as possible. They left us a lovely hand written card upon returning our pets urn. Can’t say enough nice things about everyone who works there, from the people on the phones to those who took care of our cat. Thank you Final Journey for working and coming into our home during this time.




    It has taken me months to be able to write this review. Our loss, like everyone’s was significant. Matty-Bell was our baby girl! Everything about her was amazing! She gave us nearly 13 years of unconditional love. She loved to go “bye-bye” and I would find her sitting in the passenger side Jeep when I would use those words! She was quite a pip! When we realized that she had advanced adrenal gland cancer, our main concern was to keep her as comfortable as possible and with us for as long as possible. When the time came, we called Final Journey. I cannot say enough about their professionalism, their compassion, and their patience. When they put Matty-Bell’s body into the vehicle to have her cremated, our 9 year old black lab jumped in the back of the car and laid down next to her. It was exceptionally emotional for all of us. When my husband tried to call Lacey to get out of the car, the doctor and the assistant told us to allow her as much time as she needed to say good-bye. When we received Matty-Bell’s ashes, they were hand delivered. As heart wrenching as this experience was, it was obvious that we chose the right place to take care of our Matty-Bell for the last time. Everything Final Journey did was so greatly appreciated! Thank you for all your love and compassion for all the fur babies and their families!!!

    ~Pamela Cipriano


    How do you say goodbye to a piece of your heart?  One that made you laugh out loud, or vex you to tears, that made you sigh, that was always there when your eyes looked in that direction?  If you were part of that most special community of humans with Airedale companions the answer is silence, you say it to yourself.  You remember the blessings of watching poetry in motion, and the blessing of releasing your companion when it is time.  Benchley came as a full male two year old, untraioned, never groomed, and big, over 65lbs.  He came with half his head unto himself and half to me: bonding was slow.  A family of young children and parents without time for him.  He came to me with a 24 hour 365 day a year relationship.  That two years of whole male seemed to make him float off the round, gallop the yard, tear around the house in smaller and smaller circles.  His energy was boundless. Off leash he was a neighborhood dog who loved everyone and jauntily explored his territory both around the bookstore on Main Street and at the Beach Community.  How many times I was in court I cannot count.  How many times I was called from the deli next door ‘I have your dog’, be there in a sec.  His tag read Not Lost.  Insufferable Canine, call my people.  He always had more friends than I did.  Someone said in a newsletter “I am not single I have an Airedale”, one of the truest statements ever spoken.  Benchley was put to sleep Monday, Dec 20th after a short and debilitating bout with hemangiosarcoma.  Within a month, it sometimes seemed like years, and sometimes like minutes, overcome by weakness, he still struggled to be that saucy Airedale, and he was. Unnerving. The see saw of the Bench that was, in between the Bench that now was.  We who know what life with an Airedale is like have no need to explain.  Our only solace now are memories and the blessings of sharing a life so full of love and surprise, and finally giving both of us release..  The house is empty and quiet..  I had found an old pitch pipe from the 4os, wood, and when I blew on the scales he started baying.  Extraordinary, a new career as an opera star, performed for his many devotees.  Benchley was only ten when the cancer attacked and took him down so very quickly: the days were up and down until it was time.  How can you say both goodbye to a piece of your heart while wildly cheering for the celebration of his life with mine?  Only to know how much pleasure he gave to others and what a gift he was for me.  And how do you speak to yourself about such great  and final absence when even having the years of memories is not sufficient.  RIP

    ~Susan Alon


    Thank you guys so much for helping me and my family with the lost of our siamese cat katha she lived a happy and long life it was hard to let her go but it was time she is not in pain anymore we think about her all the time our hearts aches we miss our Katha but when her ashes and our stuff came we loved it !



    For such a difficult occasion, we could not have had two better or kinder people from start to end to help us. And, we know out little Abby agreed with us, because we saw that she like you too. You both were gifts to us from God, and we thank you with our hearts. We won’t hesitate to tell anyone with pets about you.

    ~Joe & Annie Griska


    The people at final journey were very caring and made it easy for us to say goodbye to my baby Bella who was 12 years and 8 months old. Everything went smooth and I was very happy in choosing final journey.

    Thank you ~Thomas Basil


    The compassion and care demonstrated by the entire Final Journey team is hard to put into words. This was not my first experience with crossing one of my dogs over the Rainbow Bridge, but the first time I chose to do it at home. I will never do it any other away again. My sweet boy Buddy was only with me for just under 4 years, but was about 14 or 15 when he passed. Someone had abandoned him, and he found his way into my life as a foster, then a foster fail. He was the happiest, most cheerful dog I had ever met, and when he reached the end of life, I couldn’t bear to bring him to the vet to say goodbye to him alone. Final Journey was recommended to me by a friend and, besides my decision to adopt Buddy, it was the best choice I could have ever made for him. It is an impossible situation to be in — ending the life of your precious pet — but the most caring thing you can do when you see them through. Every person I interacted with at Final Journey helped me feel less alone, like I made the right choice, and like they loved my Buddy too. I hope I don’t have to use their services again soon, but I will never call anyone else when its needed. Thank you for your sincerity and kindness. It will not be forgotten.

    ~Casey Waldron


    We can’t thank you enough for your caring, sensitivity and professional skill in what was and is a heart-breaking moment for Carol and I. Though we have gone through this several times before we are grateful for the precious time allowed to us to have the love and to have loved such wonderful dogs.

    Yes, we grieve but the wonderful memories of the joys and love they brought will supplant the grief in time.

    We gratefully appreciate your loving attention to Snoopy’s last moments,

    ~Carol and Norm Siegel


    During my time of sorrow, anyone I was in contact with at Final Journey, from the time of scheduling to the time of passing, was sincere, concerned, sympathetic and comforting. Your e-mails and card were most appreciated. Thank you for helping me say goodbye to my sweet Marmalade.

    ~Mary Frances Kluth


    My family had to make the hardest decision to let our Bootz transition. Though it was hard for us, it was the best decision for him. He gave us 16 years of love and laughter. He was such an amazing doggie. My mom loved him sooo much and it was hard for her to give him up to me when she got sick in 2014, but she knew he’d be just as happy and he was. Bootz loved everyone and even on his last day with us, he greeted Dr. Sarina Hinsley with nothing but love. He was the most amazing doggie Ive ever met. He will be greatly missed. Thank you Final Journey and Dr. Hinsley for your support and compassion. Dr. Hinsley was amazing and walked us through the entire process step by step. She was so gentle and calming. The paw print was a beautiful unexpected gift and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    ~Carla Martinez and Family


    Brody was our boy for 11 years. He was always so kind and gentle and never complained. His journey came to such a quick end and it was so very hard for us to have to make that decision. When we called Final Journey from the very beginning, the kindness began. Immediately willing to help and that very same day sent the doctor out to us. When they arrived we were all in the garage and able to lay with Brody to say goodbye. They were both so calming and so reassuring that with Brody’s condition, we were making the right decision. It eased our hearts so much. Once they were finished still just so willing to help in anyway they can. They then sent such a personal email. We were so touched that they did that and were so personal with their thoughts to our family. And then a card in the mail…It made us not only cry for our Brody, but feel so happy that there are so many good people out there and the love and support we felt from Final Journey was truly just amazing! If you have to say Goodbye to your FurFriend, a True Blessing would be to have Final Journey by your side! They made it so much easier and made us feel so very special! Thank you to everyone involved for making this process so much easier for us. Your kindness, love and support were something we will never forget.

    ~Tina Katz

    Prince (3/2/1999-10/26/2020)

    Thank you to the angels of mercy, Dr. Emily and Ashley, who afforded a passionate and graceful passing of my beloved Prince. They explained every step and possibility and were attentive to every need and request with the utmost respect. They worked in silence, allowing for Prince and me to listen to our cello music in the same position we had spent the entire last week of his life. They left as silently as they arrived, angels guiding his passing. Originally named “Lancelot,” my first dog earned his moniker “Prince” by keeping a watchful eye out for his girlfriend Sophie (our other Maltese) and always ensuring her safety. He was ever watchful of our home sitting prominently in the living room window barking out non-stop welcomes for every person, dog, or leaf that crossed his watchful eye. His heart was too big, but he masterfully carved out an extra 5 months of life that I will always be thankful for.

    ~Michael Pavano

    Marley (2/13/10-10/2/20)

    A special girl who was such a big part of our family. When we look at the pool, we will think of you fondly as we remember your little polar bear swims and your bunny hops in the new fallen snow! Growing up with 3 boys wasn’t easy but it sure was great having another girl in the house! We will forever remember the joy you brought to our lives.

    We are so thankful to have met Dr. Kris and Ashley of Final Journey and can not say enough about the calm, gentle and dignified passing they afforded Marley. The experience they provided was the most compassionate ending for a pet that was truly a beloved family member. We were all fortunate to be able to spend the final moments with Marley in the comfort of her home – something that would not be a possibility during COVID. We felt very much supported by Dr. Kris and Ashley as they slowly proceeded through the steps, explaining everything to us. This is exactly what our family needed at this very difficult time.

    ~Barbara, Tom, Connor, Ryan and Owen and Murphy


    JJ was a very shy and timid kitty but he liked playing with his favorite toys. He loved his food. When someone had a snack he was right three for his share. He iiked to cuddle on a bed. He brought so much happiness to us. We miss him so much.

    ~Bill, Elizabeth and Judy


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