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All pet owners want their pet’s last moments to be as comfortable as possible and as stress free for themselves and their pet as the situation can be.  Final Journey is committed to providing a gentle, peaceful transition for your animal companion. Some facts that set us apart:

  • We always have our team come to the home so you and your loved ones need not help unless you want to.
  • We take time with you and your family to create a loving, peaceful space; there is no rushing out the door. 
  • We return ashes personally, not through the mail.

PLEASE NOTE: While Final Journey provides convenience, compassion and care, it is not available for reasons of convenience euthanasia (ie. people moving and cannot take their pets with them).  We reserve the right to decline services.

Call Final Journey at (203) 645-5570 to speak with us about handling your pet’s end-of-life process.

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