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Dr. Kris Klie

Dr. Kristen Klie graduated veterinary school from Colorado State University in 1996. She has worked as a relief veterinarian in over 30 hospitals throughout Connecticut and has earned the respect and trust throughout the veterinary community that allows other doctors to feel comfortable referring their beloved clients to her service, knowing they are in good hands. Devoted to expanding her work of service, compassion and diversity, Dr. Klie attended Hartford Seminary’s interfaith chaplaincy program. It was a natural progression that her passion for veterinary medicine turned into a calling for “Final Journey”. This unique perspective allows for deeper connection and care for all her clients.

The decision to euthanize a companion is always difficult. The option to be at home in a quiet, loving environment can make a big difference for families who are uncomfortable with bringing their loved one to a veterinary hospital. From knowing their companion suffers extreme stress and fear at the vet, having a large dog that is incapacitated and cannot make the trip, or simply because being at home is the only way families can imagine making this transition, we know and understand your needs.

To speak to Dr. Klie , call Final Journey at (203) 645-5570.

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Dr. Emily Salvatore

Dr. Emily Salvatore graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. She has been practicing general medicine in the area since 2013.

Dr. Emily has found a connection with her clients when working with them to make difficult end of life decisions for their beloved pets. To bring comfort to families and loved ones in a home setting seemed life a natural next step in her career and made the decision to join the team at Final Journey.

Dr. Emily has a husband and 2 young children at home and understands the bond and importance pets bring to our families.

Dr. Judy Wotton

Dr. Judy Wotton has been a practicing small animal veterinarian since 2000.
In practice, she has had the humble honor and privilege of assisting owners through the heart wrenching decision to make their pets final transition as peaceful, dignified and gentle as possible.

It was a natural progression to join the Final Journey team, which had a decade long reputation for professionalism and compassionate care.  Dr Judy strives to hold loving space for owners, their families, their pet and their pet siblings as they courageously face one of the most difficult times of their lives.

As a Law of Attraction transformational life coach and spiritual teacher as well, Dr Judy knows that our pets are pure love and eternal – forever grateful, loving and present with their families.

Jennifer has been in small business, family owned and operated management since 1994. In 2001, Jen started her first bookkeeping position within a family company she was working for and has been passionate about the numbers end of business ever since.

Joining the Final Journey team in August of 2019 was seamless, as Jen has had a predilection for hers and all animals since childhood. Knowing Dr. Kris for years with her kind and gentle heart, Jen was eager to be a part of the amazing and compassionate service that Final Journey grants.

When not working, Jennifer is always surrounded family, friends, everyone’s pets and children, where there is always eating, boating, playing and dancing happening!


Christina, Licensed Veterinary Technician, graduated with her Degree in Animal Health Technology from Delhi College in 2002. She has been in the veterinary field for over 20 years working as a technician team lead at a local veterinary hospital. During that time she also worked with Dr. Klie whenever possible assisting with acupuncture and laser therapy. She is excited for the opportunity to join a thriving and growing practice that serves such an important role in the community.

Christina lives with her husband, Dave, and two daughters Madisyn and Brynley. Christina enjoys spending time with family, friends, shopping, scrapbooking, and hanging out at home with her Chocolate Labs, Hilti and Milwaukee.


Stacey started at a young age with a passion for helping animals and always knew that her calling was a career in the veterinary field. She attended college at The University of Augusta Maine- Bangor and graduated with her Associates in Veterinary Technology. She has worked in a clinic as a Veterinary Technician for over 10 years.

After many years helping clients and their companions through all stages of life she decided to take the leap to the Final Journey family. She worked alongside Dr. Kris Klie on and off when she would fill in at the local clinic Stacey worked at. Once she learned about the wonderful end of life care Kris provided she knew it was an endeavor that she wanted to become part of.

Stacey spends her days off with her family and beloved companions Knoxville and Leavenworth enjoying the outdoors. Her favorite quote is “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”.


Hi, my name is Ashley. I have been a part of the Final Journey team since September 2020. My hobbies include hiking, reading, and spending time with my dog. She is a husky mix, rescued from California and her name is Arrow. I also have an iguana named Rex, and a rabbit named Oreo. I love all animals!

I grew up in Trumbull and have lived in Southern California for about a year. During the time that I spent in California, I worked at a dog daycare and did a lot of site seeing. I visited places like Los Angeles, hiked to the Hollywood sign and at Joshua Tree Park. I traveled back to Connecticut in 2019 and have work as a technician since. I absolutely love working with animals.


Nathalie was born and raised in Sweden, where she received a degree in pet care from Himmelstalunds gymnasiet. Having grown up around animals, she has always had a love for them. Knowing from personal experience how hard it is to lose a loved one, she understands how important it is to support pets and their humans during these difficult times.

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