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Dr. Kristen Klie and Connie Busch.

Dr. Kristen Klie graduated veterinary school from Colorado State University in 1996. She has worked as a relief veterinarian in over 30 hospitals throughout Connecticut and has earned the respect and trust throughout the veterinary community that allows other doctors to feel comfortable referring their beloved clients to her service, knowing they are in good hands. Devoted to expanding her work of service, compassion and diversity, Dr. Klie attended Hartford Seminary’s interfaith chaplaincy program. It was a natural progression that her passion for veterinary medicine turned into a calling for “Final Journey”. This unique perspective allows for deeper connection and care for all her clients.

Connie Busch holds a B.S. in Holistic Health and is a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist. Almost by chance, she entered the veterinary field in 2005 and found that she could translate her years of supporting families using a body/mind/spirit approach quite well into her client support role with Final Journey. Since 2009, she has guided and supported thousands of families through the end-of-life process with their animal companions.

The decision to euthanize a companion is always difficult. The option to be at home in a quiet, loving environment can make a big difference for families who are uncomfortable with bringing their loved one to a veterinary hospital. From knowing their companion suffers extreme stress and fear at the vet, having a large dog that is incapacitated and cannot make the trip, or simply because being at home is the only way families can imagine making this transition, we know and understand your needs.

To speak to Dr. Klie or Connie about your pet, call Final Journey at (203) 645-5570.

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