In Memory of Amy Pelley

Amy has suffered much to hard in her life. Not only by being left by her first family, but also left with cancer. God’s actions sometimes amaze me, He takes all of the people who are deserving. Now that I am older I realize that is because heaven takes pain away for those deserving people who are suffering.

Amy, I never wanted to see you suffer, but I’m glad I was able to have you for the time I did. Thank you for keeping me company at night, protecting the house, never running away, sleeping with me while I was sick, talking to me on the phone, and especially for helping me when I went under the water at Lake Mohegan.

I love you Amy♥

You will forever be not only in my heart but apart of my life as well.

Mommy, Morgan, Roland, Jennie, Holly, Roxy, and especially me, Cat, will always miss you:)



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