Lily’s Rainbow

You were the one who captured my heart,

awake and curious while your siblings dozed.

“Pick me, pick me!” is what you said.

I held you close; that’s all it took.


You were the one who taught me about love,

gentle and steady while my children grew.

“Play with me, run with me,” is what you said.

You waited, forgave, rejoiced, and comforted.

We held you close; your love shone through.


You were the one who showed me how to live,

honest and strong while my life was in turmoil.

“Laugh with me, walk with me,” is what you said,

“But you don’t have to walk in the rain.”

You held me close; you gave me hope.


You were the one who we had to let go,

Courageous and amazing; you fought to stay with us.

“It’s okay, you did your best,” is what you said.


Our house is quiet.

Our hearts are sad.

Our walks are lonely.

We think of you; you are still with us.

We saw your beautiful rainbow.


Written by Laurie Burbank,

For Lily with love.


3/23/97 – 4/8/12


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