In Memory of Woodrow                                     

I would like to say that this cat, was not just an ordinary pet, he could have been Mayor. When I was sad, he was there, sick…he was there.  If I was down, he would do something silly to make me laugh….he always knew what I was feeling.  This connection between cat and human, is very dificult to describe to others who have never experienced it. Which is why when I would tell stories about how “Woody” could fetch, could hold conversations with me, and would tell us if his water wasn’t cold enough for his liking so we would have to put an icecube in it….and would stand next to it and complain untill we did, they never believed it, untill I invited them over to meet him.  Not only did he charm even the most bitter cat-haters into submission with his fluffy-ness, sense of humor and intellegence; he was also our family, our furry little man, our mascott.  We do, and WILL miss him everyday.  He will always be the precedent for any furry little boy or girl who joins our family in the future.

Rest In Peace WoodMan, I love you Bud and thank you for being our friend.

Tina, Phyllis, and the Family.

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