Coco & Nubby

Coco & Nubby

For Coco and Nubby Savenelli

We loved you both so much and still do. There will not be a day that goes by we dont think of the two loves of our lives. You truly completed our family and we are a little lost with out you. Nubby you where such full of life and always wanted to play and you had just a way about you that we will¬† never forget. You will always be our boy. Coco, You where our little girl. You will always be our little girl. what we would do just to hear a bark from you again. You where the sweetiest most wonderful little princess and made our life’s full of happiness and love. We love you both and hope you know life wont ever be the same without you.

Love always,

Mommy, Daddy, Lisa, Mary & Joe xoxoxox

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